Step By Step Procedures for Teaching the Lesson

  • Students will take the Pretest on The Study of Space.
  • I will gather students on the carpet and discuss prior knowledge of the Space Unit. We will discuss the field trip to the Space & Rocket Center and I will ask the students to recall any information they can remember from the trip.
  • Students will watch the video The Solar System - Space School
  • Students will go back to their desks and I will pull up the interactive graphic organizer web page on the smart board and discuss the KWL chart.
  • We will fill out the K(What I Know) and W(What I want to learn) part of the KWL organizer.
  • Next students are given a topic.
  • Books will be available in the room for children to look at and students may also go to the library for research.
  • Students will return to the carpet and I will read The Planets: A Journey Through the Solar System. This book will be read over several days during the week.
  • Students will be allowed to read books and use the Main Idea and Details Chart to collect information. They will be allowed to collect data for about an hour a day for several days. Once they have collected their data they will enter information into the Discussion Page of the Study of Space Wiki .
  • After data is entered into the Discussion Page, students will comment on other students facts.
  • Students will use Voki to tell fun facts about the Solar System.

  • Adaptations (For Students With Special Needs)

    Modification for special needs students:
    • paraprofessional will write/type information for students on computer or ipad.
    • students may use notes when taking the post-test
    • the teacher or paraprofessional can read the questions to the students
    • students will be given extra time on assignment either at school or at home

  • Extensions (For Advanced Students)

    Students may use Story Creator to create an online book about their topic. They will write a fiction book about traveling to their topic and what adventures they would encounter. When the books are completed the teacher will read the books to the students using the smart board.