Assessment Based on Objectives

Students will take a pretest and a post-test before and after the study. The pretest will determine what you know about space. The post-test will show what you have learned about space after you have finished your study.

Students will discuss their topic and comment on other students topic.

Standards Addressed

Science (2005) Grade(s) 2:

11. Identify basic components of our solar system, including the sun, planets, and Earth's moon

English Language Arts (2007) Grade(s) 2:

8.) Organize sentences into a paragraph to address a topic or tell a story.

*Sorting information using graphic organizers Students will complete the KWL chart.

*Generating a topic sentence and a concluding sentence in a paragraph

*Drafting a written piece, including an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph

*Editing for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence variety

*Publishing final draft

*Using descriptive, narrative, and expository modes of writing Students will use Story Creator to write a fiction story about traveling to their topic they studied